September 28, 2015 / 7:51 pm

Hillary Clinton likes Selena Gomez, thinks PSLs have too many calories

Starting last week, every Monday WIUX is bringing you the latest and greatest news from the already tumultuous 2016 presidential election. However, these aren’t the stories everyone else is covering. Sure, Scott Walker dropped out of the campaign and Donald Trump is proposing tax cuts on the wealthiest Americans and Martin O’Malley is still calling for more debates. But that’s another publication’s job to report on those events.

Last week, we reported on the artists, ranging from writers to composer to frontmen of punk bands that signed a letter showing their support for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) who is running for the Democratic nomination. This week, we’re staying on the left, this time looking at Hillary Clinton and her campaign for women voters through female empowerment Spotify playlists and discussing Starbuck’s most ubiquitous fall drink-the Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Clinton has been plagued with various issues throughout her current presidential campaign. The issue with her private email as the Secretary of State has blown up into a full-on scandal, reminiscent of the scandals that marked her time as First Lady. Still, she is fully denying any wrongdoing, saying that she did not use her personal email to send classified information. The FBI is currently investigating. It’s not as boring as it sounds, here’s an excerpt from a particularly fascinating email exchange:



Hillary Clinton: a fan of skim milk in her tea, women’s rights, Parks and Rec and The Good Wife.

Other things HRC is a fan of-songs about female empowerment. The “official playlist of Women for Hillary” features Beyonce, No Doubt, Kelly Clarkson, Selena Gomez and plenty of other female artists who sang a song or two about something else besides falling in love/breaking up/sex/all three.

Here’s the playlist for your listening pleasure

Clinton’s musical choices appear to be pretty mainstream, nothing really sticks out. Like maybe if she included a song by Mitski she could prove her indie-cred and at the same time give a shout out the the music scene in Brooklyn, where her campaign headquarters are located.

However, the very inoffensive playlist is nothing compared to this information that was uncovered this afternoon.Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 2.09.58 PM

Yes, Hillary is a recovering basic white girl. In case you were wondering, a PSL from Starbucks has between 130-380 calories depending on what’s in it.

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