March 24, 2016 / 4:55 pm

Help I’m going through an Emo Pop Music phase; and so can you!

If you know me, you know that I am over-achingly drenched in enthusiastic optimism and my music taste typically corresponds accordingly. While other kids went through their angst filled music phase in middle school (some never stopped), that was when I was listening to Newfoundland sea shanties and cutesy indie rock (I definitively have never stopped).

But for some reason, (cough cough probably my editor Jessica Yarvin) within the last month I have been compulsively listening to what the internet generally refers to as emo-pop. I can feel myself being angsty, or at least more so. Although I am about a decade late to this parade of emotional absurdity, I’m glad (or sad or mad or which ever is the feeling that Taking Back Sunday is supposed to have me feel) that this phase has dropped as an ear worm into my life. So yes, I’m going through my emo phase at 22, and so can you!

If you aren’t exactly sure what emo pop is,  enjoy this handy definition from Wikipedia . “Emo pop (short for emo pop punk) is a fusion genre that combines elements of emo with pop punk influences.” To put that in algorithmic form:

Emo Pop = (Emotional – tional) + [(Pop Punk) – Punk]

But dictionaries, definitions, and math don’t seem very punk. Instead, just use this playlist to integrate an emo-pop phase into your life whether it be for the first time or for your second time around.

**Of note, I keep calling this a phase. But according to  Jessica, this is not a phase, it is a lifestyle. **

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