Have You Finished FYE’s “Must Do At IU: A Bucket List for the True Hoosier” ?

There is only a handful more days of classes left here at Indiana University. Finals are looming, and graduation is mere weeks away. As a freshman you were given the “Must Do At IU: A Bucket List for the True Hoosier” from FYE, during orientation or your first weeks of classes. You might even have it in magnet form. But how many things on that list have you actually completed? Seniors, you may be about to get a degree from this wonderful university but without completing the list we know that you aren’t a true Hoosier (according to the title of the list). But fear not!

Below are the items on the list, ranked from what I perceive as the easiest to what could be more challenging. I’ve narrowed out the items that it would be physically impossible to do without a time machine of some sort. So whether you want to go hardest to easiest or visa versa this list will help you get organized to become a true Hoosier before you walk across the stage.


  1. Shake the Hands of the Herman B Wells Statue – Easy. If you don’t do this before you graduate you did you even attend Indiana University?
  2. Snap a photo in front of Sample Gates – Easy. Pro-Tip: It works better in the daylight.
  3. At night, Lay on the Ground and Watch the Lights Change on the Side of the IU Art Museum – Easy. They even recently reinstalled the lights.
  4. Go on a Late Night Tour of Campus – Easy, you already know campus. You’ve gone to this school for a few years now. All you need is to walk about at night – bring a friend to follow the buddy system.
  5. Order Freshly Baked Cookies During a Late Night Conversation with Friends – Easy. you have been at this school for 4(+) years, hopefully you have made some friends that love cookies. If your friends don’t love cookies you have made the wrong friends.
  6. Rock Out at a Live Music Show – Easy to find a show.The music scene in Bloomington is blooming.
  7. Go Bowling or see a Free Movie in the IMU –Fairly Easy. Free is fun.
  8. Study in the Arboretum on a Sunny Day – Semi-Easy. Replace the word study with look at Pepe memes and this would be a whole lot easier.
  9. Experience the Bloomington Farmers Market –  Fairy easy because it is in walking distance and you have the motivation of food. Plus it is open from 9 a.m. through 1 p.m. so you don’t even have to wake up too early.
  10. Play Frisbee in Dunn Meadow – Kinda Easy. You’ll need a Frisbee or a flat circle shaped object.
  11. Dip Your Feet in Showalter Fountain – Easy/Medium. I place this further down on the list because if you give an IU kid a fountain they will want to go swimming in it. If they go swimming in it they might get caught by an authority figure. So this list item could require stealth.
  12. Find your Favourite ice-cream Place in Town –Medium. There are many choices, WIUX has talked about these choices before. Remember, Fro-Yo is not ice-cream this doesn’t count.
  13. Eat in the Tudor Room of the IMU – Medium.
  14. Kiss someone special in the Rose Well House at Midnight –  Medium to Advanced. You need someone special which is hard. If you have no one, bring a radio tuned to 99.1 and WIUX will be your special someone.
  15. Watch Breaking Away and look for Places you Recognize on Campus – Medium to Advanced. It is not stream-able on Netflix.
  16. Find Your Favorite  Brunch Location in  Town – Advanced. If you haven’t gotten brunch in town yet this will be extra difficult. There are so many awesome places to get breakfast/lunch at that finding your favorite will be semi-tricky.
  17. Connect With a Professor Outside of Class – Advanced. Lets be real, you’re second semester seniors, attending class is probably a struggle for you already, this might be pushing it. Though there’s a professor who does DJ sets at The Root Cellar.
  18. Watch the Sun Come up After an All-Night Study Sesh – Advanced.  Similar to the above, studying in general is difficult. Studying for 9 hours is a lot.
  19. Hike Around Griffy Lake – On the harder side. First you need a way to get to the lake, and then motivation to hike all the way around it. Partial credit will be given for hiking half way.
  20. Relax near the fireplace at the IMU – HARD. Those chairs are always full.
  21. Look at Stars from the Kirkwood Observatory – Very Hard. It is tricky to know when they are open. It does have a twitter page though.
  22. Highlight Important Info in your FYE Resource Guide – I don’t know where to get one of those so this is the hardest thing on the list.



Taken from FYE’s “Must Do At IU: A Bucket List for the True Hoosier”