Gregg Doyel interviews with The Sports Beat

On November 4, the Sports Beat with Max Anderson, Kevin Schaefer and Quinn Andrews met with guest Gregg Doyel to talk about the latest turmoil in IU Basketball. You can find the complete interview here and some of the highlights below.

“…One 18 years old, is drinking beer, that’s not earth shattering. Six players out of 13 (with some form of substance violation), that’s earth shattering”

“…He’s gone all in with Crean. Tom Crean is in his hand, and the cards are on the table and people are putting bets down and (Fred) Glass just went all in with Crean.”

“I can see why (Fred) Glass thinks Crean is part of the solution; he’s a good man, etc. I get it. On the other hand, I can list six players on this roster that, for whatever reason, I don’t know what that is, but for whatever reason Crean isn’t working off the court”

“If Crean or Indiana is going to give out the minimum, which is what I feel this is in the two regular season game suspension, when you are the fifth or sixth player to break rules, the minimum is just not good enough. So that’s a pathetic… I am going to repeat that, that’s a pathetic suspension to give those guys right now… that’s laughable.”

On the status of the season- “This season is going down the tubes, the question is how far down the tubes does it go and does it drag down Tom Crean with it.”

“This is opinion not fact… but for these players to all unanimously come down on the program that tells me they don’t like Tom Crean very much. I know Crean, he’ll wear you out, I like him just fine, but I can like a guy and still think it’s not working.”

“They’re not saying ‘Crean this is your fault’, but they’re upset. They aren’t trying to protect his job at all I don’t see any of them saying to lay off Crean, I see them all saying ‘hey stop embarrassing the program’. That’s a lot more noise in the direction of ‘this program is out of control’”