Givers – New Kingdom

Released 11/13/15


This must be what 2015 sounds like. Every decade comes packaged with a certain sound. For example, whenever you hear a song dominated by a cracking snare drum, you know it was probably released in the ‘80s. Givers’ effort to merge synth pop with indie vocals seems to be a pretty good picture of how people will remember this decade. With their follow-up album to 2011’s In Light, Givers have lived up to their name. New Kingdom is a reverb-laden gift from the Louisiana five-piece.

A lot of people will remember these guys from their previous album’s hit “Up Up Up” (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, grab a copy of FIFA 12). It showed us that these folks know their way around a catchy melody. New Kingdom is full of the same. You’re going to have hard time getting tracks like “Record High, Record Low” and “Sure Thang” out of your head.

Lead singers Taylor Guarisco and Tif Lamson have an infectious back-and-forth. If they didn’t play off each other so well, occasionally adding a third or fourth part to their ambient harmonies, this album might become another typical piece of modern music birthed behind someone’s computer screen. It’s certainly got the gut-busting drums and bass for it. Though the album is dangerously heavy on post-production, the vocalists have managed to keep things fresh for us.

The problem I personally have with so much post-prod is its tendency to blur together. Catchy beats are great in certain context. Don’t get me wrong. They’re just not very unique anymore. You can be sure this album is coming soon to a soundtrack, party or shopping mall near you, but it’s probably not one for casual listening. You’ll hear it and want to dance. Its dreamy gauntlet of sounds will transport you to a colorful mirage, but you’ll eventually have to realize it’s just a mirage. The whole of the music will lose its shimmer. It’s the fate of all pop music, and though this album is a great image of our decade in sound, it’s still just pop music.

  1. Intro
  2. Bermuda
  3. Remember
  4. Sure Thang
  5. Mother Of Love
  6. Growls
  7. Blinking
  8. Record High, Record Low
  9. Sleeper Hold
  10. Shaky but True
  11. Wishing Well
  12. Layback
  13. Lightning

Be sure to check out:

“Sure Thang”


“Record High, Record Low”