Get Excited for Nutella Fest 2014

A music festival you might think would only find a home in the world of Willy Wonka might just place you in a chocolate coma this Friday, Oct. 24 in the courtyard in front of IU’s Collins Living Learning Center.

Nutella Fest is the annual free autumn outdoor music festival honoring of the chocolate hazelnut spread. Nutella Fest is dedicated towards expanding upon the many ways to consume Nutella – in the past the festival featured Oreos, fruit, crackers, and ice cream as other ways to consume the spreadable chocolate/hazelnut combo – all for free to those in attendance.

Last year the festival was set up inside of the IU Art Museum, but this year it is returning to the original Nutella Fest venue outside of Collins which means that the music festival can once again fit the hundreds of students and members of the Bloomington Community who are drawn to this event. Past performers include Dan Deacon, Charlie Patton’s War, Sleeping Bag, Rodeo Ruby Love, Fluffer, The Main Squeeze, and Patchwork among many others.

I will stick by the firm belief that more festivals should be dedicate to delicious things you can spread on toast, but until that fad catches on I will just eat Nutella and catch the acts that are set to play this year – here are the bands and where to get a taste of their music.

Faux Paws: Formed in 2011, Faux Paw is an alternative folk band originally from Lafayette, IN.

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Free Radical: Traveling from Burr Ridge, IL Free Radical is a four piece progressive rock band with Nutella Fest marking their second show in Bloomington.

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Fudgers: Is a local Bloomington chiptune/electropop artist who describes his music as “Beep bops and electronic craziness set to soothing rhythms and beats”

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Pnature Walk: Hailing from Lafayette, IN, Pnature Walk is an experimental band that opened for White Reaper at WIUX’s annual Pledge Drive show on October 17.

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Stone Irr: A solo act from Bloomington, Stone Irr is an indie acoustic act who also played at Big Red Eats Green earlier this year.

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Sunspots: Self-described as “sunpunk,” Sunspots is a feel good lo-fi local Bloomington band.

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No matter if you go for the free food and seemingly endless Nutella or the diverse live music, Nutella Fest is not to be missed. It has become become a staple in Bloomington’s live music scene and builds a community on Indiana University’s campus all with the help of some chocolaty goodness.

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