Friday Night’s Alright For Fun: What’s What For 10/24

Are you sitting there wonder golly gee what am I going to do with this fine Friday night? Well Winspear and Plaid Rabbit group once again provided a viewing spectacular for all of you Bloomingtonians. The two Bloomington local event groups have contracted The Kickback, Faux Paw, Plateau Below, and Sunspots to play Friday (Oct 24th). GEEZ WHIZ 4 WHOLE BANDS? If you’re thinking wow it can’t get much better than that, it does! To find the location of the event you’ll have to do a little investigative work of your own. You’ll get to use those Sherlock Holmes skills you’ve always wanted too and you’ll get to see four great bands in return!

Faux Paw, Plateau Below, and Sunspots will be opening for The Kickback and music should kickoff around 9 p.m., but hey they’re rock stars so things may start fashionably late. Faux Paw released their first album: Cocktail, on July 15 of this year. The four Lafayette rockers self-describe their sound as “bummer party music,” but it’s more about maturing not growing up, something we can all relate too.

Check it:

Plateau Below, comprised of four local dudes, will treat the audience to some groovy psych/folk tunes. Their debut album Still Paradise, conceptualizes a metaphorical river. It ebbs and flows, strong and feeble, while twisting and turning to keep the listener ever enchanted with emotional highs and lows. Passage of time plays a pivotal role into the emotions and tones of Plateau Below’s music

Taste this:

Rounding off the openers will be Sunspots, a local Bloomington group, formed from the sweat, blood, and tears brewed by the garage punk witches themselves. They’ve coined their own sound as sun punk (how many bands do you know originally naming their sound), ensuring a once and a lifetime performance.

Freshly produced:

Finally, The Kickback will take the basement (that’s a hint) by storm. Chicago based indie rockers (Billy Yost, Eamonn Donnelly, Jonny Ifergan, and Ryan Farnham), will soon be releasing their debut album, Sorry All Over The Place (produced by Spoon’s Jim Eno), according to their Facebook page. After touring with the likes of Smith Westerns and White Rabbits, The Kickback have achieved a highly energetic and highly passionate performance rhetoric.

The night should be one for the underground DIY books that no record will ever be found for, but you should at least be able to say YOU were there. I’ll even give you a start to your investigation process here’s some links to check out: