April 20, 2016 / 12:55 pm

Frankie Cosmos: Next Thing

Released 4/1/16

6/7 Stars

Next Thing is Frankie Cosmos, second widely released LP (according to Bandcamp this is her 51st release of any kind).  Greta Kline, who performs under the name Frankie Cosmos, as I learned from trying to write this review, is pretty hard to fully describe. Other accomplishments are: former bassist of Porches, Actor in The Squid and the Whale and The Anniversary Party.

Interesting things about Kline aside, this album is pretty darn good. With every one of the 15 songs being short sweet vignettes of a length no more than 2:44. Each song has that classic indie rock/indie pop feel with a clean guitar and some pretty noticeably awesome bass riffs.  Every song seems to take you in and keep you there until you sing the song over and over in your head.  One gripe I do have about this album is that some of the songs (mostly the more up-beat songs) sound a little bit more similar than I would like. Other than that Kline really is able to mix up the pace of each song, even in the middle of the song.

The lyrics of this album are amazing.  Themes of this album include: loneliness/heartbreak and struggle with identity.  When Kline talks about these themes though, she doesn’t really beat you over the head with it.  She keeps every song simple, straight from the heart and about her own personal experience, and really, that’s all you can ask for.

Overall I thought that this album was great.  I would recommend this album to anyone interested in indie-rock and hoping to discover a fresh voice in the genre.