October 24, 2016 / 10:54 pm

Five Songs to Soundtrack your Blood Plasma Donation

So you’ve found yourself donating blood plasma. Chances are that you need some quick cash and this is the best way to do it. Maybe you even have a coupon to make a few extra bucks too. Either way, you’ve found yourself farming your plasma for cold hard CASH, so may as well listen to some jammin’ tunes while you’re at it. Here are 5 songs that you should listen to in order to soundtrack your blood plasma donation:

1.) Bon Iver – Blood Bank

This song works on a few levels. Besides the obvious song title, the pureness of Justin Vernon’s voice puts you in a melancholy state that maybe reflects how you’re feeling having to go into the blood bank to make some money.

2.) The White Stripes – Sugar Never Tasted so Good

Suddenly you realize that you’re sitting in the relaxing donation chair with a giant needle shoved in your arm. Your mouth starts to tingle and taste funny, but don’t fret, that’s just the saline solution being put into your body. You soon realize via the sweet sounds of early White Stripes that this saline really just means you’ll be a few bucks richer in the near future. The taste is much sweeter with such knowledge.

3.) The Jackson 5 – I’ll be There

As you sit there reading through the informational packet the lovely people of the donation center give you, there’s a realization that you’re not just helping yourself, but others as well. Yes, through blood plasma donation you are potentially providing life-saving blood and source plasma to those who need it. By you continuously coming back to donate, you’re potentially being there for those who seriously need it. Bless your soul.

4.) Lil Yachty – Minnesota

Let’s be honest – no matter what altruistic purposes the donation of your plasma has, the sharp chill of the saline solution will eventually make it feel like you have literal ice in your veins. This Lil Yachty tune keeps you scarily self-aware of your current state.

5) CeCe Peniston – Finally

Congratulations, you’ve finally finished your trip to the blood plasma donation center! Hundreds of milliliters of your plasma have left your body, and it happened right in front of your face. “Finally” by CeCe Peniston should definitely put a pep in your step as you walk out of the center knowing you’ve just made bank AND helped others!