Everything’s Coming Up Roses – Night Terrors of 1927

Released: 1/13/2015

Stars: 6/7

The first studio album, Everything’s Coming Up Roses by the Alt Rock duo from our neighbors to the North, Night Terrors of 1927, was released earlier this week shortly following recent EP releases in 2014. This album combines two of the main EPs released by the duo, the Guilty Pleasures EP and Anything to Anyone EP, along with newly written songs and duos with the likes of alternative rockers Tegan & Sara. Longtime cult followers of Night Terrors of 1927 have been waiting close to three years for this album, and with their continued support the duo finally released it to start off the New Year.

This Canadian duo is the birth child of singer Jarrod Gorbel, former front man of the Honorary Title, and Blake Sennetto of the band Rilo Kiley embarking on journey to experiment with their music. Back in 2013, the duo had released their first EP, the Guilty Pleasures EP, with the hit “Dust and Bones” leading the way to underground success. They were then signed to Atlantic Records and toured with another alternative duo Capital Cities all while building up a loyal fan base. This underground success along with a large social media following led the band to announce their first full length project, Everything’s Coming Up Roses, in early 2014. Personally I had heard “Dust and Bones” a couple years ago while on a road trip, and knew this band was going to be something special instantly.

This album leads with the underground hit, “Dust and Bones” and never lets up. To start off with such a memorable song seems a little risky but it is just one highlight in an album filled with high notes and risks that seem to pay off. Gorbel’s vocals remind me of a young David Gahan, the Depeche Mode front man, with the way his voice is able to resonate over the rhythm and create an ominous tone in an otherwise cheerful song. There is something so hauntingly beautiful about Gorbel’s voice. Songs created to have an upbeat mood still have an edge created by his ability to exhume emotion in his singing.

New Wave beats, simplistic guitar riffs, and beautiful harmonies compile most of this album while songs like “When You Were Mine (feat. Tegan & Sara)” stand out as refreshingly different. Tegan & Sara are able to provide the other perspective throughout the song, and prove how dynamic the lyrical content can be. “The hottest love has the coldest end.” These two contrasting ideas fit perfectly with the album’s tendencies to go from upbeat and optimistic to loathing and regretful.

Overall, the Night Terrors of 1927 have much to look forward to in this upcoming year with performances at Coachella Music Festival, headlining for Bleachers on a countrywide tour, and upcoming debuts on late night with Jimmy Kimmel. They are starting this year off strong with their debut album and hopefully they can ride this momentum to continued success, which I look forward tracking the whole way through. This album definitely earns a listen through for Alt Rock junkies, and anyone looking for something to belt out to.

Favorite tracks:

“Dust and Bones”- Easily my favorite song on the album. Comes together quite beautifully.

“When You Were Mine (feat. Tegan & Sara)” – Both duos contrast off of each other with magnificent results.

“Novocaine” – One song that stands out from its dark undertones and haunting vocals.

“Always Take You Back” – A beautiful love song that tells the story of someone destroyed by a past relationship. We all can relate.