December 17, 2017 / 8:26 pm

Everything Electric: Songs Your Parents Might Like

Despite it being around longer than most of us realize, EDM today is considered to be a genre left up to the young folk. A lot of our parents only get a glimpse into EDM through what they happen to hear on your favorite radio station (that is, unless you’re blasting it through your headphones like me), which is all Top 40 pop-synth bullshit that all sounds the same. That being said, most of our parents probably wouldn’t be fans of filthy dubstep if they heard it—it’s definitely an acquired taste.

So how do you convince your parents that you’re not just going through a phase and that what you listen to is actually considered music and not just random noise with the only lyric being “put your hands up?” Below is a list of EDM songs compiled that your parents just might enjoy.

1. “Closer” (Presets Remix) – Kings of Leon
I’m not sure if this is cheating or not because it’s a remix, but we’re going to use it anyway. The mellowed out, somewhat somber feel of this track is perfect for easing your parents into the very expansive and diverse world of EDM. It’s smooth like molasses, it’s mostly centered around the notorious vocals of KoL, and it’s the perfect song to have on repeat without ever getting tired of it.

2. “Thin Floors and Tall Ceilings” – Odesza
Again, the point here is to show that EDM is more than just a “3, 2, 1, jump”—this track, void of any lyrics, seems to tell a story within itself. Your parents are smart individuals—surely they’ll be able to pick up on the beautiful ascension of notes and emotions in this song and make of them what they wish.

3. “Drop The Game” – Flume
A fan favorite, this track is a subtle mixture of Chet Faker’s melodic vocals and Flume’s stunning sound design. There is not a single soul on this planet who can resist Chet Faker, and when you pair him with Flume, you’ve got yourself a glimpse into what heaven must be like.

4. “Afterglow” – Phaeleh
Again. Smoooooth vocals, calming, delicate… these are the elements we need to introduce to our parents. They’re comfortable, they’re mesmerizing, and yet they’re still EDM.

5. “Benjamins” – CVIRO, GXNXVS
I played this over the summer and my mom overheard it and really liked it so that’s why it’s on the list. Let me know if your mom digs it too so our moms can jam together in between commercial breaks on HGTV and Food Network.

6. “Fantastic” – Flume & Dave Bayley (from Glass Animals)
There are few people who can resist the seduction of Dave Bayley’s voice. Your parents will surely fall under his hypnosis. Paired with Flume’s slinky and eccentric beats, it’s definitely a track that’ll make your parents do a double-take (or a double-listen, or triple… they’ll just repeat it for eternity honestly).

7. “I Know Why” – Marian Hill
Marian Hill is borderline electronic, but we’re counting them anyway.

8. “In The Morning” – Junior Boys
I’m pretty sure I first heard this song off of SYTYCD, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s a cool track. I’m personally a huge fan of the breathy vocals and the repetitive background sounds will surely keep your parents at ease and tapping their fingers in tune.

9. “Between Two Points” – The Glitch Mob
It’s just the tiniest bit heavier compared to the other songs in this playlist, but shares the velvety vocals and somewhat muted sound production the other tracks have.

10. “Secret Place” – CloZee
Hailing from France, CloZee draws from her guitar roots and worldly instrumentals to create the organic melodic smoothness that is her music. This specific song is the perfect tune to play in the car with your parents on a road trip. This track feels like a whimsical dreamscape set in a magical forest, and who doesn’t like the sound of that?

11. “Butterfly” – Bassnectar
I know what you’re thinking. Bassnectar?? No way will my parents listen to him. What’s interesting about Nectar is how he can create tracks with lots of depth and wonky bass, but are still songs you can fall asleep to. This is one of them.

12. “Sleepless” – Excision, Savvy
If you thought Bassnectar was too heavy for your parents, Excision might just be the tipping point. Nearly all Excision tracks are enough to melt your brain into mush at half-volume alone. Here is the outlier, where Excision incorporates subtle notes of his notorious heavy sound with a sort of harmony and buttery cohesiveness that is rarely seen in his filthy concoctions. It’s a stretch, but after warming your parents up to the above tracks, don’t be surprised if they end up vibing to this. Be careful with this though: slowly keep building up their Excision tolerance and they’ll be headbanging over their minivans’ steering wheels in no time.