November 24, 2018 / 2:53 pm

Eric Clapton’s ‘Happy Xmas’ Is Not Your Classic Christmas Music

Released October 12, 2018


If you’re looking for the humdrum Christmas album then you’ve come to the wrong place! Eric Clapton’s Happy Xmas is not your classic Christmas album. At face value, Clapton manages to take what others have done and make it his own. With a clear blues-rock spin, the album’s songs are able to convey the essential feelings of the holiday season while still keeping Clapton’s style and spirit. I would not say that this is the apex of Eric Clapton’s career, but it is definitely a charming Christmas album.

The album’s biggest triumph to me is Clapton’s rendition of “White Christmas.” He takes from the original and also adds some much-desired guitar riffs and really made it his own. I think it was a bold move to change a Christmas classic the way that he did, but I think it paid off!

Though he didn’t tackle many holiday classics on this album, he made his mark on the Christmas season. Clapton came out of left field with his version of “Jingle Bells”. This track is one suitable for a dance club, not a snowy Christmas night. The reason this track is so different from the rest is its dedication to Avicii. Avicii was found dead of an apparent drug overdose in April, and Clapton dedicated this original track to the DJ, mimicking the style of many of Avicii’s songs.

Taking a deeper dive into the album overall, the only complaint I have is the lack of classic Clapton guitar work. Though the album does scream Clapton’s work, it does feel as though there is something essential missing. With that being said, I don’t think the album suffered because of this. I think that Eric Clapton went out of his comfort zone for this holiday album, and I think it paid off. I can’t wait to play this album on vinyl while drinking eggnog in front of a fire!