December 30, 2015 / 12:35 pm

Emo Dance Music (EDM) for the New Year

You spent hours curating your best music of 2015 lists? Sorry, but your futile efforts to truly encapsulate the best of the year would have failed regardless. But now they mega-fail because of this beauty of a mix.

“If You’re Listening to This, It’s Never Too Late” is a masterful, 30-ish minute sojourn from the depths of teen angst to the soaring EDM choruses that dominate top 40 today. Created by Captain Oats, a producing trio that’s made a name for themselves at Taking Back Tuesday, a self-described “emo night” at LA’s Echoplex where emo’s greatest hits take over the DJ booth for a night of dancing/crying until your black eyeliner runs down your face. Mark Hoppus and Chris Carraba are regular DJs.

On the other coast, Emo Night Brooklyn takes over Brooklyn Bowl and NYC’s finest former emos come out hang out with members of Yellowcard, All Time Low and more. Hey Bloomington, maybe you should host one of these parties soon.

This mix spans the emo years, featuring All-American Rejects, Brand New, Sum 41, Fall Out Boy and more. It’s the only time that you’ll find yourself dancing to Dashboard Confessional. Welcome to the Black Parade x Trap Queen? You better believe it.

Your friends tell you that all your pregame music isn’t upbeat enough, but you can’t listen to top 40 one more time without spitting our your shot? This is the answer to your problems.

Sure, you can make the argument that this isn’t real emo music, that Paramore and American Football really can’t possibly be in the same genre of music. If anything, these songs are better categorized as pop-punk. Now that that discrepancy has been addressed, enjoy the music.

Stream the mix on Soundcloud or download it for ~free~.

Ben Berger, Ryan McMahon and Ryan Rabin- I love you.