Don’t ever disrespect Magnolia by calling Gucci Gang the song of the year

A tweet posted by one of those World Star Hip Hop Daily twitter accounts went mildly viral yesterday. The tweet featured a snippet of Lil Pump’s song “Gucci Gang” and called it the “song of the year”.


FIRST OF ALL, what we’re absolutely not going to do is disrespect “Magnolia” like that in this house. A song that says “Gucci Gang” about 600 times as a chorus has nothing on “in New York I Milly Rock… hide it in my sock…”. ALSO, “Gucci Gang” doesn’t even have a dance that goes to it and Playboi Carti had the entire planet Milly Rocking this summer. The man is a legend for getting so many of us white people to do yet another dance that we absolutely cannot pull off doing.

We’re not going to sit here and call “Gucci Gang” the song of the year when “Magnolia” showed us that hip hop isn’t dead and it’s still carefree and fun and so important. At the several festivals that I attended this summer, “Magnolia” was an absolute staple. The most notable Milly Rock moment was at Lollapalooza when Michael Christmas brought out my boy Cousin Stizz to perform “Lambo” and ended his set with Stizz, his crew, and himself dancing around the stage to “Magnolia”. It was one of those moments where I was reminded that hip hop is so fucking fun and still so violently alive and creative that at some points it is overwhelming. SAINt JHN did something similar during his Lolla set too and everyone in the crowd was violently whirl-whinning their arms around. Do you know how many times I heard “Gucci Gang” at a festival, or even at all, this summer? Wanna guess how many times I was reminded why I love this music so much while “Gucci Gang” was playing? None. The answer is not a single time.

We’re also not going to claim a “song of the year” with a music video that glorifies the consumption of lean. In “Gucci Gang”, Lil Pump is performing at what appears to be a high school and has a stereotypical lunch woman pushing around a cart labeled “after school snacks” or something along those lines (I’m not going to give him another Youtube hit by going back to check what the precise wording is). However, the cart is not filled with Famous Amos cookies, oh no. The cart is filled with double cups, which we know from the lyrics of the song are filled with lean. It is almost 2018, people! We should not be glorifying drug use in any form, but especially not lean. It never was cool. It never will be cool. Let’s not continue pretending like it is.

Maybe I’m just old and don’t get it. But maybe I’m not wrong. Lil Pump is absolute garbage and in this house we are NEVER going to give him a “song of the year”. Don’t disrespect someone who actually wrote a catchy, unique tune that you know you can’t resist dancing to by calling a song that sounds like it was made by a muffler the “song of the year”.