October 22, 2014 / 1:31 am

Director’s Fall Jams

Ever wonder what the WIUX Board of Directors listens to? Turns out it’s not only 99.1 and B-Side. Check out some highlights and then be sure to listen to the entire playlist on Spotify. If you think we have a great taste in music, (we do) then check out what we were listening to this past summer.

SPEV director Brendan Biesen can’t get enough of Porches’ “Headsgiving,” while Music director John Caito isn’t so sure of these new fangled tunes, sticking to Neil Young’s classic “Harvest Moon.”

General Manager Carolyn Suna surprises absolutely no one, admitting that “Caretaker” by Laura Stevenson is one of her favorite songs right now. Sarah Thompson, Station Manager, picks the Kook’s “It Was London,” a nod to her very British summer.

Promotions director Rose Harding proves that not only can she make a modern masterpiece on Photoshop, but she also has a great taste in music, as she’s playing Saintseneca’s cover of Lucinda Williams’ “Passionate Kisses” on repeat. Chief Engineer Collin Thomas is also a huge fan of covers, particularly Reel Big Fish’s rendition of “Brown Eyed Girl.”

Chelsea Patton, Social Media director, can’t stop listening to SOHN’s super chill, electro “The Wheel,” while Mobile DJ Alec Steinmetz is listening to “Mamies in the House.

PR director Sam Velazquez is enjoying the nearly 15-year-old Death Cab for Cutie track, “The Employment Pages,” while Sports Director Ben Wittenstein is sticking to 2014 with Bobby Shmurda’s “Hot Boy.”

SPEV director Ben Wittkugel is jamming to “Obligatory Cadence” from Flying Lotus’ new album, whereas the queen of Sales, Mackenzie Mills, is listening to anything and everything by St. Paul & The Broken Bones.

Still trying to relive Culture Shock 2014, Music Director Jared Peterson is keeping “My Kind of Woman” by Mac Demarco on repeat and IT Director Shelby Stephens is apparently a huge Afroman fan, naming “Palmdale” on of her favorite songs right now.

Finally your favorite Internet man, aka Web Content director, aka Kevin Hyland, is probably dancing to “HyperParadise-Flume Remix (Ganz Flip)” by Hermitude as he’s delivering some Jimmy Johns and your favorite Internet woman, aka Web Content director aka Jessica Yarvin, can’t get enough of Jenny Lewis’ “She’s Not Me” as she’s writing this very article.

For the entire playlist, click here or stream below!