February 18, 2014 / 9:26 pm

Diarrhea Planet and Those Darlins @ The Bishop 2/21

Two Nashville bands have teamed up to cross the country in a flurry of heavy guitar-driven garage rock. On Feb. 21, near the end of their co-headlining trek, the two will stop for a night of music at The Bishop (123 S. Walnut St.), with doors opening at 11 p.m. and the show starting around midnight.

Those Darlins released their third record Blur the Lines on last October to positive reviews. The gritty quartet started in 2006 and have been turning heads in the Nashville and regional scene ever since. Moving from alt-country influences to a more garage rock sound, Those Darlins have gone against the grain for native Nashville groups and paved their own path, aesthetically and sonically. Associating with the Infinity Cat Records band Heavy Cream and working with Infinity Cat’s resident producer, Robert Moutenot, they’ve found a nice hole for themselves in the scene.

Hot off the heels of their critically acclaimed album I’m Rich beyond Your Wildest Dreams, Diarrhea Planet have been riding a wave of success saturated in a sick four guitar shredfest. Signed to JEFF The Brotherhood’s Infinity Cat Records, they’re the hyperbolic representation of the Nashville punk scene, crossed with bar culture, and blended with dirty clothes and caffeine. Diarrhea Planet is a band that never slows down and is fun from beginning to end, with song titles like “Ghost With A Boner” and “White Girls,” this band is one that should never ever in a million years be missed when they come through your hometown.

Both bands are highly regarded for their energetic live shows, making this one of the most exciting touring shows coming to Bloomington this winter. Rest assured, stage dives and high fives will run rampant at this midnight romp through an electric garage. Diarrhea Planet and Those Darlins also both have fresh material coming from critically acclaimed albums, making this show not one to miss.