March 6, 2017 / 9:36 pm

Dee the Dog’s Favorite Songs

Back in June, I made my first adult decision and adopted a dog. Little did I know that I was also adopting a music critic fit for Billboard Magazine. Dee, or Deezy as she’s been nicknamed since her love for music surfaced, has a unique taste in music and honestly after the hour she hosted during the WIUX Pledge-a-thon, we all need to take her opinions seriously.

Her very favorite song in the world is just an ironic choice. Dee can’t help but to wag and “smile” every time Drake’s “Child’s Play” comes on. She’ll chase you around and jump up to try to get you to dance while questioning why his girl likes to fight at restaurants famous for their delicious dessert.

Dee, like every girl who’s ever dated any men who’d never take off from work, gets emotional when “Runaway” by Kanye West comes on. She spends day in and day out with me, so she’s listened to a lot of Kanye and she’s made it very clear that My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is her favorite Ye album. However, “Runaway” really gets her into her feels. Dee will always stare out a window, droop her head, and stare and contemplate why her baby’s dad ran away for the entirety of the song (even the 9 minute version).

Unsurprisingly, Dee is a huge Mac Demarco fan. Somethin about those gap teeth really draws her in. On any given night you can find us dancing in the kitchen to “My Kind of Woman” while dinner is cooking.

Dee is not a fan of all music though. Dee hates Joy Division, The Smiths, and T-Pain. It’s quite unfortunate, but it’s something we have to deal with, and we will work through together. She also hates country music which is incredibly ironic for a dog that is from Liberty, IN, but it’s not as big of an issue as hating T-Pain.

Here’s a playlist of Dee the Dog’s favorite tunes: