Death Cab For Cutie Releases New Album Details

Death Cab For Cutie is set to release their latest album, Kintsugi, on March 31. It’s the band’s first album since 2011’s Codes and Keys and their last with longtime producer/guitarist, Chris Walla.

In an interview with Rolling Stonebassist Nick Harmer explains the album title, saying that Kintsugi is a traditional Japanese art form where fractured pieces of ceramic are pieced back together and held with real gold. The band agreed that Kintsugi represented how they felt both as a band and personally.

Lead singer Ben Gibbard had previously described the new album as music that will win back longtime Death Cab fans that didn’t like Codes and Keys. Speaking about Kintsugi ,Gibbard explained the band’s “goal [is] to make records that rank amongst the best work we’ve ever done. I completely respect and understand why people love Transatlanticism, We Have the Facts.. or Narrow Stairs.” 

Many consider those three albums to be the brightest spots on Death Cab’s extensive discography, and we can only hope that Kintsugi will also be considered a bright spot come March 31.


1. “No Room In Frame”

2. “Black Sun”

3. “The Ghosts of Beverly Drive”

4. “Little Wanderer”

5. “You’ve Haunted Me My Whole Life”

6. “Hold No Guns”

7. “Everything’s A Ceiling”

8. “Good Help (Is So Hard To Find)”

9. “El Dorado”

10. “Ingénue”

11. “Binary Sea”