Daughter – Not To Disappear

Released 1/15/2016

4/7 stars

The sophomore album from Daughter, formed of band members Elena Tonra, Igor Haefeli and Remi Aguilella, vies for bitter winter winds and cold hands grasping onto any warmth they can discover. Tonra’s lugubrious voice floats over somber layers of bleak lyrics and reflective instrumentals. Daughter’s “New Ways” opens the album with a windswept attitude, similar to Dido’s “White Flag.” The fear and acceptance of the monotony of the future is depicted in “Doing the Right Thing”, while almost describing a frightening scene of losing her mind. Tonra’s numbness ironically is a vital part of her expression; she marries scenes that are depressing at best and deadly at worst. Her voice could gently sing a lamb to sleep; the lion hides behind her words. Slightly clinical and universal, she sings for all the ones who “sit in silence / let the pictures soak”. All of her scenes are gloomy, introspective, and beautifully lethargic; a grasp on her image, so as “not to disappear.”

Must listen: “How”, “Doing the Right Thing”, “Fossa”, and “Numbers”