November 28, 2018 / 11:10 am

cupcakKe – Eden

Released November 9, 2018


Chicago’s cupcakKe is not playing around in 2018. The rapper born Elizabeth Eden Harris has just released her second LP of the year, Eden. The album includes singles “Blackjack,” “Hot Pockets,” and “Quiz.”

In light of the canceled “Bad Girls” tour with Iggy Azalea, cupcakKe will be touring North America with the new Eden album. The name of the new album is a reference to her middle name, as cupcakKe’s 2017 project Queen Elizabitch was a reference to Harris’ first name.

Twelve high-powered songs bring this album just over a half hour, and you will never want it to end. Of course, there is cupcakKe’s notorious raunchiness, as seen on “Garfield,” but I would argue it’s also a rap about body positivity with her “fat cat.” Moving, as always, are cupcakKe’s concise insights into social issues. “Cereal and Water” is reminiscent of “Wisdom Teeth” from the Euphorize album – a tale of abandoned children, whose parents are more concerned with material goods than their well-being. There is no gay anthem on this album, unlike “Crayons” and “LGBT.” Instead, cupcakKe champions children with autism in “A.U.T.I.S.M.” This song is a plea to society to stomp out bullying, and treating children equally regardless of perceived normality.

“PetSmart” is biting, and full of name drops and references such as Wendy Williams’ heat stroke, Azealia Banks, Rihanna, and Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball.”

Dangled is a heartfelt song, whose video features ballet dancers illustrating the intimacy that cupcakKe longs for. “You ain’t playin’ fair, so just like a fair,.., you ’bout to get clowned” she sings, unsatisfied with her love life, just like on previous albums. This is perhaps the most powerful song on the album and elicits what everyone wants in a partner, fidelity.

My favorite song on the album is upbeat “Prenup”, as I love a good jam about being “married to the money”. It brings back memories of Queen Elizabitch’s “Quick Thought” which was once the only downloaded song on my Spotify for a three-hour flight.  However, it is reminiscent of “Fullest”, which seems to be a recurring theme.

CupcakKe knew that Euphorize was a big hit. It seems like this album was her attempt to recreate the success by changing the words but using the same flows. But despite lyrical improvement, Euphorize is a better album.

One thing will never change about cupcakKe, no matter how much she continues to evolve, grow, and improve, she is the feistiest rapper in the game. She claps back with lines like “Ay, why is my name in your mouth? Tell the dentist get rid of it right with that plaque”

Although some flows feel stale and most the album feels similar to Euphorize, cupcaKke has continued to grow. On Eden, she proves herself as a hard-working young woman, well worthy of up-and-coming fame.