Coldplay- Head Full of Dreams


Released: 12/11/2015

3/7 stars

Coldplay has been a staple in the pop-rock genre for quite awhile. Formed in 1996, Coldplay has now released seven albums including their newest album A Head Full of Dreams. Chris Martin, lead vocalist and guitarist for Coldplay, hinted that this may be the band’s farewell album.

Overall, the theme of Head Full of Dreams seems to be optimism. Right off the bat, the title track implies epiphanies of waking up and realizing your dreams. The album is full of this: cheesy, yet charming indications of being free and liberated. Surface level as it may be, it is nice to hear hopeful melodies. After all, according to the track “Adventure of a Lifetime,” “everything you want is a dream away.” There are lots of whimsical references on the album: birds, dreams, kaleidoscope, color spectrums and amazing days. The glee really never stops.

“Adventure of a Lifetime” is the banger track on the album. The track is lighthearted and the guitar riffs are pleasing, but the song lacks depth. What could be progressive and experimental turns instead to standard predictability.

One of the only fresh and unique aspects the album was able to accomplish were guest singer appearances by Beyonce and Tove Lo, who both bring a positive and interesting sound to an otherwise ordinary Coldplay album. In addition, the collaboration list on the album was rather impressive: President Obama singing “Amazing Grace” and Martin’s ex Gwen Paltrow assisting in backup singing, as well as Noel Gallagher from Oasis.