Celebrating College Radio Day: Why Sabrina Dorow Loves WIUX

My roommate messaged me on Facebook during the summer telling us we were going to room together in the fall. I was so excited, and even more intrigued about what IU had to offer after she told me she was interested in being involved with the radio station. This is my second year of college, but my first at IU.

I decided to just jump in and apply for WIUX as well, and I now have my own show on Thursdays where I play a format show, featuring local bands and independent music. After some time, I decided to name my show Thursdaze with Sab because I thought it was the perfect combination of wordplay and name recognition. One time, while on air, I was talking about how hungry I was because I didn’t have time to eat before I came in (rookie mistake) and I started talking in a country accent which was really weird because I’m from Northern Virginia, but I just rolled with it.

I love working at WIUX; it’s such a great de-stresser during the week and I put a lot of time into making my playlists and thinking about what I’ll talk about during my show. The people here are so cool and welcoming, and I’m so glad I decided to apply to be a DJ and work with the promotions and blog committees. I love the atmosphere of the radio station; there are tons of different rooms to hang out before your show, and there are always people around. I’m glad to be a part of a completely student-run organization that promotes good vibes and embracing new music.