November 27, 2018 / 9:00 am

Bumpin’ On A Budget – Laurindo Almeida’s ‘Guitar From Ipanema’

The first installment of Bumpin’ On A Budget, where Matt Coutu will review a random vinyl buy from local record stores.

Over the summer, I got into a habit of visiting local record stores in Grand Rapids, MI and seeing what I could find for under $10. You’d be surprised by some of the gems I discovered in the clearance bins under the racks that hold the newer stuff. Some LP’s I managed to obtain, later became my most listened to records these past few months. I loved this habit so much in Michigan that I decided to continue it back here in Indiana.

The first record I decided to highlight is one that I purchased from Landlocked Music on N Walnut St. for $4.99. It’s a Bossa Nova album by Laurindo Almeida called Guitar from Ipanema.

The Album: Guitar From Ipanema

The Musician: Laurindo Almeida

The Year: 1964

The Style: Bossa Nova

The Record Store: Landlocked Music at 202 N Walnut St.

The Price: $4.99

I was originally drawn to the record because The Girl from Ipanema by Stan Getz and Astrud Gilberto was the first song that really got me into the genre in the first place. This album is perfect for lounging on the couch after a Saturday evening on Kirkwood. The record was literally made by friends for friends. Three out of the eleven tracks are covers (The Girl from Ipanema, Izabella, and The Fiddler’s Wolf Whistle) which only reinforces how casual it is. Most of the time, covers can negatively impact how listeners view the creative process, but I think in this case the covers are completely appropriate.

There isn’t much on the album that is unexpected, which makes it perfect to play behind a conversation between guests. The lyrics are pretty minimal too, which gives the impression that nothing on the record really seems unnecessary.

Guitar from Ipanema reminds me of the classic 1960s soundtracks from films like La Dolce Vita and Juliet of the Spirits. The slick organ solos on side one leave nothing to be desired on this album if you’re a fan of Bossa nova.