Bully @ The Bishop (11/3)

Monday evening the Bishop will play host to Bully and Winslow. The Winspear coordinated event will begin at 9 p.m. with Winslow opening and Bully following shortly after. Advance tickets will be sold for $5 and it will be $7 at the door. Ages 18 and up will be permitted into the show. Come out and support live music and nurse your post Halloween hangover. Plus, it’ll give you something to look forward to making Monday slightly less dreadful then it already is.

Winslow, a band native to Indiana will be performing the opening act. Their self-titled EP, Winslow, seems to remind me of old school Weezer paired with psychedelic textures and dissonant screeching punk licks. Also, for all of you Indiana natives out there they have a song called “Carmel Bitchez,” I’ll leave my personal opinions on the matter aside, but I think some of you may find the song fitting (it’s worth the listen I guarantee).

Following Winslow the Nashville born four piece band Bully will take the stage. Bully recently released a self-titled EP filled with heavy grunge tones inflected with more energetic temperament rather than depressing attitudes the grunge seems to be bursting with these days. Bully exemplifies the 90’s punk a lot of people grew up on, not the angsty-punk we think of today (the punk you can find in a Hot Rags). Founded by Alicia Bognanno in the underground of Nashville, the female lead gives Bully a well-rounded persona.

Feel the stripped down emotion:

Come one come all, make this Monday a little less depressing by joining us for a night of music and merrymaking! (It’s not like you’re actually going to do your homework)