July 3, 2016 / 8:44 pm

Board Presents: Backyard BBQ

Just in time for the Fourth of July, the directors here at WIUX have curated the perfect playlist to accompany your backyard barbecue. As everyone knows, no barbecue would be complete without a generous portion of dad-rock. This mix is so full of electric guitar solos and sweet, sweet harmonies that it might just physically manifest your dad right to your grill. Yep, there he is, wearing white crew socks with those Adidas sneaks and wow, is that a polo? No, no, it’s an Old Navy Fourth of July t-shirt. Classic look. He’s definitely got some burgers going, maybe some brats, and perhaps he’s gonna treat the fam to some smoky baby back ribs. Yep, there’s your dad–standing in what can only be described as a power pose in front of that grill. He’s got a bottle of Sweet Baby Ray’s in one hand and a bottle of ice-cold Coors Light in the other. This playlist will undoubtedly have him singing at the top of his lungs and reminiscing about when groovin’ was groovin’.