November 27, 2018 / 1:00 pm

Blue Footed Boobies – Blue Footed Boobies 2

Released August 18, 2018


The Wilmington, North Carolina based duo Logan Chaucer (Guitar/Vocals) and Taylor Jones (Drums) second self-titled studio album takes the listener back to the bluesy free-spirited ’60s with a modern twist to it. Their impassioned sound is unique but yet detectable. It is very apparent in the record of the influences from the likes of Cream-era Eric Clapton, Muddy Waters, and Jimi Hendrix.

The record starts off with the 49-second “Intro” that communicates to the listener what is to be expected for the record through a pure gritty guitar solo. It transitions to the second heart-pounding track “Take Me Away”. The song is passionate with its rhythm and vocals. It features a lead solo accompanied by a whammy pedal giving an otherworldly experience.

To give the listener a 6-minute break from the ferocious playing in the tracks before, the duo plays a much more mellow song titled “Call My Name”. Although the song is well structured I believe the duo had the perfect potential here to play with dynamics adding depth to the song with soft picking/drumming. Although the song was delicate, it was still being played at the same volume of grit with the amp being heavily distorted which I didn’t think it corresponded well.

“Can You Feel” is a song that really struck me because of the great transition it goes through. It starts out with a twisted Hendrix styled rhythm with hidden embellishments. A minute into the song, Logan adds his smooth vocals that are gorgeously heavily modified with what sounds to be reverb. This track definitely goes through acts from the development it goes through.

Listening through the album, your mind is taken to another realm to lay on clouds. The band’s unique sound is definitely something of an experience that just drains your state of mind. I found myself constantly dazing off being put into this world of thrills. Being just a duo, this record definitely is lit with emotions. I would highly recommend keeping up with this band and see where they go from here.