May 4, 2016 / 8:34 pm


Summer is here, and as always the WIUX Blog Squad is here to celebrate with you. We hand-crafted this playlist with tunes we thought really illustrate the beauty of this season:

“The opening track on arguably the National’s most underappreciated album, “Secret Meeting” has an underwater feel to it that befits the narrator’s psychological state.”

“Seriously just listen to this song, good times all around.”

“Nothing says summer like gardening on a hot day and having an allergic reaction so severe your neighbors call an ambulance! “Avant Gardener”, as clever as its title, really showcases Barnett’s gift for stream-of-consciousness songwriting.”

“I love this song because it’s upbeat and wistful. It’s sad and optimistic. It’s two things at once. <3”

“‘I Love Bitches’ by Lil B is an extremely rare track that always lifts my spirits and gets me looking forward to the summer.”

“A sanguine song about a memory of a lover, ‘Do You Remember’ is my go-to song for long car rides to the beach.”

“A bouncy, perhaps contemplative track that impeccably soundtracks a trip to the Marathon to purchase an ice cold Arizona Green Tea.”

“A summer road trip with a bunch of buds with no planned destination.”

“New release. Super cool King Krule sample, with some tasty rhymes thrown on top.”

“In this tune Maxo encapsulates the pure, innocent idea of summer to a child who just got off of school. Sweet and melodic while simultaneously anxious and rhythmically intricate, this tune is a hyper-pop anthem worthy of PC music and a venetian snares-esque journey into breakbeat all at once.”


Have a great summer, guys.