Black Friday Record Store Day to Include South Park’s Kanye West Parody on 7-inch


Black Friday’s Record Store Day (November 28th), the Autumn counterpart to the official spring Record Store Day, which falls on April 18 this year, has a few surprises.

One notable surprise is the 7-inch which side A contains “My Bitch Ain’t No Hobbit,” South Park’s parody of Kanye’s song “Bound 2.″ Side B is in titled “James Cameron” and makes fun of the blockbuster director from which the song gets its name. Whether creators, Matt Parker and Trey Stone, of South Park truly thought that is parody was iconic genius that needed to be press on vinyl or it is the extension of a long run of jokes, we may not know. But, old school vinyl loving South Park (or Kayne West fans) are sure to get a chuckle as they sift through the records in their local record store or find the vinyl wrapped up in the winter as a holiday present from those who truly know them the best.

If you want to know what other treasures are coming out this Black Friday the Record Store Day website has the info you need.