February 21, 2014 / 6:07 pm

Big Ten Power Rankings Feb. 21

In the week with the most variance at the top, check out who our personalities ranked as the number one team. This week’s rankings were voted on by Matt Dlugie, Kevin Hyland, Sam Rumpza, Andrew Vailliencourt, Eli Wilz, and Tori Ziege.

Team Name, First Place Votes, Record (overall, conference), Average, High/Low

1. Michigan State Spartans, (2), (22-5, 11-3), Average: 2, High/Low: 1/3

What They’re Saying: “The Spartans had their chance to take over the top spot, but then went out and lost to Nebraska, keeping them in the two spot in my rankings. They still aren’t completely healthy, but now the question is will they have enough time to regroup and play well together when they are healthy?” – Andrew Vailliencourt

2. Iowa Hawkeyes, (1), (19-6, 8-4), Average: 2.33, High/Low: 1/3

What They’re Saying: “Iowa didn’t play this week due to the Assembly Hall fiasco, but the Hawkeyes have played well, winning two in a row. Iowa has a great chance with Wisconsin at home tomorrow, although three games in a week will be a challenge for the Fighting McCaffery’s.” – Sam Rumpza 

3. (tied) Michigan Wolverines, (2), (18-7, 10-3), Average: 3, High/Low: 1/6

What They’re Saying: “Michigan was in danger of falling to second place after their loss to Wisconsin, but Michigan State promptly lost to Nebraska, allowing the Wolverines to keep the top spot in my rankings. This team when shooting well is the most deadly team in the conference.” – Andrew Vailliencourt

3. (tied) Wisconsin Badgers, (1), (21-5, 8-5), Average: 3, High/Low: 1/4

What They’re Saying: “After a tough start to conference play, the Badgers seem to be figuring things out. Winners of four in a row, Bo Ryan’s team is catching stride again.” – Matt Dlugie

5. Ohio State Buckeyes, (21-6, 8-6), Average: 4.83, High/Low: 4/5

What They’re Saying: “The Buckeyes had a pretty easy week facing Illinois and Northwestern, but like Wisconsin, OSU seems to be catching their stride going into the NCAA tournament.” – Matt Dlugie

6. Nebraska Cornhuskers, (15-10, 7-6), Average: 5.83, High/Low: 5/6

What They’re Saying:  “With four very winnable games ahead (vs. Purdue, @ Illinois, vs. Northwestern, @ Indiana) it’s not inconceivable to think this team that has never won a tournament game will get their seventh chance to do so. How, you ask? Terran Petteway. This athletic forward and his ability to score (18 points per game) have not only carried the Huskers, but have moved him into NBA mock drafts, something we haven’t seen in years from Nebrasketball.” – Kevin Hyland

7. Minnesota Golden Gophers, (17-10, 6-8), Average: 7.17, High/Low: 7/8

What They’re Saying: “The bottom of the Big Ten is ugly. Out of the final teams, Minnesota is probably the best. That is not saying much though.” – Matt Dlugie

8. Purdue Boilermakers, (15-11, 5-8), Average: 7.83, High/Low: 7/8

What They’re Saying: “Purdue dominated Indiana, which at this point isn’t saying much, but it still was a big win for the Boilers. While the Paint Crew likes to say “Defense Lives Here,” Purdue gave up a Michigan State school-record 17 3-pointers Thursday night. The remaining schedule is tough, too.” – Sam Rumpza

9. Indiana Hoosiers, (14-11, 4-8), Average: 9.67, High/Low: 9/10

What They’re Saying: “The Penn State collapse, the embarrassing loss to Purdue, Hanner’s OWI, metal falling from Assembly Hall, rumors of locker room turmoil. The list of problems for this program off the court is the only thing increasing as much as the results in the loss column.” – Kevin Hyland

10. Northwestern Wildcats, (12-15, 5-9), Average: 10.33, High/Low: 10/12

What They’re Saying: “Northwestern’s matchup with Indiana will tell us a lot about the reeling Wildcats. Northwestern has some winnable games down the stretch, and the fact that the Wildcats has even five Big Ten wins is impressive.” – Sam Rumpza

11. Penn State Nittany Lions, (13-14, 4-10), Average: 10.67, High/Low: 9/12

What They’re Saying: “PSU’s only win in the past four games came against Indiana in Bloomington.” – Matt Dlugie

12. Illinois Fighting Illini, (15-12, 4-10), Average: 11.17, High/Low: 10/12

What They’re Saying: “Illinois mustered out a win on the road at Minnesota, but it’s still been a rough go for John Groce’s squad. Despite the win in Minneapolis, there’s a chance Illinois finishes the regular season with four losses.” – Sam Rumpza