February 8, 2015 / 11:18 pm

Beck wins album of the year, teens confused

Beck won a Grammy for his 2014 album, Morning Phase, and although it was a pleasant surprise to his fans, many younger music listeners were quite confused about the identity of the old man who just won the award that many thought that Beyonce rightfully deserved.

Honestly she has a good point

If this was a question on the SATs maybe I would have scored higher

Simmer down

Wait, do any of you know him? Do you think you can text him and have him do an in studio?

Ok yeah cause if you don’t know who he is no one else knows he exists either

This is the future of the country speaking, how can I help you? BURN IT ALL DOWN. WITH THE 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER ALBUM CAUSE APPARENTLY IT WAS FIRE

Hot take!

Let’s end it on this note.

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