July 10, 2017 / 2:28 pm

Bad and Newsie: Your Weekly Migos Update (7/3-7/9)

He may have been left off of “Bad and Boujee”, but this week’s headlines are all about Takeoff.

Imagine being on a flight to the very exciting city of Des Moines, Iowa and your plane not being able to take off because a man named Takeoff refuses to stow away his luggage properly and he and his friends think they’re too cool for seat belts.

Well an entire Delta flight worth of passengers didn’t have to imagine this scenario, because it’s 2017 and the wildest things are happening.

Hours before they were scheduled to perform in Des Moines on Friday, Flight 1532 returned to the gate to kick off Takeoff. According to the official statement from Delta, the crew repeatedly asked the trio to buckle their seat belts and for Takeoff to stow his luggage in the overhead bins. After they refused repeatedly, the crew and captain decided to kick Takeoff off of the flight. The other two Migos decided to leave as well in order to stand in solidarity with Takeoff. Delta eventually booked them on another flight. The full video of the gate confrontation can be seen here:

The talk of the town this week has been Jay-Z’s 4:44. There’s no doubt that the album is chalk full of references to hip hop culture and the icons of today’s scene. One specific reference is calling out rappers who hold money up to their ears to show off their stacks, a practice made popular by southern rappers.

Takeoff took to Instagram to make light of the line via video saying “Rappers with money to their ears? Backwoods… what you call that, Jay? You don’t know nothing about that one.”

His 26-year-old uncle, Quavo, joined in by flexing on his white drop top while draped from teeth to neck in diamonds.


Sounds like #takeoff heard #jayz 4:44 … he got a new idea now.

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