June 12, 2017 / 9:32 pm

Bad and Newsie: Your Weekly Migos Update (6/5-6/11)

Another week, another Bad and Newsie to keep you up to date on our favorite rap trio.

Hip-hop’s b-list royal couple finally split, but for unexpected reasons. Cardi B called it off with Offset not because he wasn’t in prison like all of her previous suitors, but because he asked her to pay him for a feature on a song. Treating her like any other artist, Offset asked for $250 thousand dollars to spit a verse for her. According to an inside source this spelled the end for their relationship. Here’s the video for “Lick” that will continue to live on long after the memory of this relationship has faded:

Migos ruined thousands of fans day when they cancelled their appearance on the Nobody Safe tour Wednesday. The group hung a sign at the venue gate announcing that they would not be performing due to an illness. No word has surfaced on what the illness was, but fans were not pleased to arrive to find out at the last minute that their favorite group would not be playing “Bad and Boujee”.


Although they’re infamous for donating $1,000 to their former high school, our boys have moved onto larger charitable efforts as they were added to a lineup for the festival that will kick off the $100 million initiative to open the Murphy Arts District in Arkansas. The festival will have quite the draw as it features artists such as Ludacris, ZZ Top, and Brad Paisley.

The trio will gain a new stamp in their passports as they plan to make their first trip to New Zealand. Clear your calendars for October 10 and take off to Auckland! Also, please take your favorite Migos correspondent with you.