June 5, 2017 / 9:57 pm

Bad and Newsie: Your Weekly Migos Update (5/29-6/4)

Don’t listen to the hype: dreams do not come true.

Today I should be writing you as a woman who had fainted while Migos played “Slippery”, but alas the line at the Nobody Safe tour was too long and I didn’t quite make it in in time. However, I came out of it with some life advice: 1. Always show up earlier than you think 2. A half a bottle of Hennessy is not a good idea 3. You will get the sauciest picture with your favorite co-editor if you make someone take one while Migos play faintly in the distant background.


most likely to be voted wiux’s sauciest director duo.

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On to the real news…

News surfaced this week that Takeoff has taken his chain game to a new level by purchasing a $500,000 chain that will guarantee you actually know his name when you see him from now on. The diamond encrusted piece features a medallion sporting the NASA logo as well as most of the solar system. I don’t know if it is as iconic as Quavo’s Remy the Rat chain, but the piece is a true work of art and you can check it out here:

On Thursday, Twitter exploded as two random dudes headed into an amusement park in Cony Island and convinced everyone they were members of Migos. I have to give credit where credit is due: one of them was wearing a YRN tee shirt and there is only a niche group of people who would recognize any of the trio based solely on their face, but this is a little ridiculous at the same time. Maybe it’s a good thing that at least two Migos men will be wearing chains to help us recognize them from now on. Here’s the people who probably like the Lil Uzi verse on “Bad and Boujee” believing that they had met members of the iconic rap trio:

Quavo’s reign on the charts continued as this week he became the only person to currently be featured on 10 songs currently on the Billboard Hot 100. This man literally has his hands in 10% of the biggest songs out there. This means that if you listen to any Top 40 radio station for over an hour, you will hear at least three Quavo verses… and that’s absolutely insane.

Finally, it wouldn’t be an important week if Migos didn’t release yet another music video, for their song or someone else’s, that featured a scantily clad woman. This week’s very NSFW video features a nude Teyana Taylor, of the Kanye West “Fade” video fame, dancing around while “Drippin'” plays.