May 8, 2017 / 11:35 pm

Bad and Newsie: Your Weekly Migos Update (5/1-5/7)

Raindrop. Drop top. These boys in Migos work non-stop.

There’s no one in the entertainment industry right now working harder than Migos and it’s often cumbersome to attempt to stay down with the culture and keep up with them. I’m here to do all the hard work for you and deliver you with a weekly dose of Migos for your Mondays.

Migos started off the week strong at the Met Gala in New York City last Monday. The Atlanta based trio actually made history by being the first rap group who has ever performed at the Met Gala as they performed alongside Katy Perry. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Migos feature without them being extra and playing their own tune, so they then made every person over the age of forty very uncomfortable by getting incredibly turnt up to “Bad and Boujee” (which they performed in trench coats and was absolutely wild). The group also made red carpet history by showing up in matching Versace suits, draped in chains that included their matching “culture” chains. The historical part comes in when you look a little closer and realize that Quavo is wearing his Remy from Ratatoullie chain which is probably the first time a rat has ever been to the Met Gala.

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Uncharacteristically, Migos stayed quiet for the better part of the week following Monday’s big events…. That is until the weekend came around. On Thursday, Migos not only dropped a video for their Gucci Mane collaboration, but they also announced a contest that’ll give the biggest fan in each city a free ticket to their concert. The “Slippery” video is truly nothing worth commenting too much on. It’s full of bad bitches, infinity pools, and Mary Jane… Exactly what you’d expect from this paring. The contest is only mildly interesting because it doesn’t require contestants to do anything besides listen to Migos on Spotify and share messages about Migos on social media. This is a fair warning to temporarily mute me and any of your other friends suffering from Migos Mania for a few weeks.

Before their performance at the rap mega festival Rolling Loud on Saturday, Migos were joined by Chance the Rapper and Myles Turner, center for the Indiana Pacers, for a street game of the after school favorite game: knock-out. However, the stakes were higher than humiliation in the community center gym; according to the camera man, this game was worth $100,000. In the first round of the video, we see Quavo and Chance make the shots, but Offset and, perhaps most embarrassingly, Turner both miss their initial shots. Chance ends up being the first man to fall, and we may never know the results of the game, but it’s nice to know that Migos are having a nice time when they’re not working their butts off.

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