November 11, 2013 / 5:34 pm

Dr. Dog- B-Room

6/7 stars

Dr. Dog has done it again. Their seventh album, B-Room, reminds one of their previous work: upbeat, a twangy twist on rock n’ roll, as heartfelt as ever. However, they are ever-expanding upon their pleasantly scrappy style: this time around, they moved their studio space to an abandoned silversmith factory in their Philadelphia hometown. They named their studio space B-Room, hence the album title. The sound presented to us by B-Room is straightforward and beautiful to me every time I listen to it.
This album is much simpler and more raw than the rest. The song “Phenomenon” uses yet another of their beautifully crafted love-provoking metaphors, bringing us to an out-west setting; “The fire’s like the gasoline/ And you are like the smoke/ You’re always leaving/ But you’re never gone/ You’re everywhere at once/ Like a true phenomenon.” “Too Weak To Ramble” is a very simple song compared to much of their recent work. It is a folkish ballad that is so simple and truthful you can’t not appreciate its uncomplicated message. It exemplifies their recent trend, which has been to tone down extraneous sounds and plainly present what their music really is: deep, heartfelt, yet upbeat and retro. If Spoon and The Shins had a baby, Dr. Dog would be their golden child.
Other songs on the album like “Can’t Remember” and “Love” help to finish up the album in an incredibly upbeat way, again presenting us with soulful content in a way that you can’t help but tap your feet to. “Nellie” was recorded using Dr. Dog’s signature harmonies and instrumentals, in a way that you just want to sit in the sun, close your eyes, listen, and smile. My personal favorite of the album, “Mind The Usher,” has a sexy yet rock-n’-roll feel to it that I haven’t really heard from this band before—it almost reminds me of the Black Keys, plus the quirky sounds you can count on hearing in a Dr. Dog album.
I look forward to purchasing this new addition to Dr. Dog’s discography for my personal collection; it has been long awaited and well received. But don’t take my word for it; go listen. Right now.