April Fools Pranks for Indiana University

The Sample Gates at Indiana University

Pulling pranks can be quite fun, but finding the perfect prank can sometimes be a little tricky. WIUX here to help with your prank brainstorming ideas. Here are some pranks that are great for April Fools day here in Bloomington on Indiana University’s campus.

The Orientation Tour: When walking by a tour group talk loudly about how great IU Secure is! Pranks!

The Ballantine Staircase: Ballantine hall already has one of the most confusing staircases. You can be on floor 2 out of five, have walked up 4 flights of stairs and be on the 300 level. For this prank, all you need to do it post notices that say they have finally organized it so that the first floor is the first floor. Ballantine makes sense! Pranks!

The Alligator: First you find a blow up alligator pool toy, the more realistic the better. Inflate and put in the raging waters of the Jordan River. Watch as passer by look on with terror as a vicious croc floats it’s way through campus. Even the on lookers who are clever enough to spot that it is not a real alligator will be delightfully confused. This prank will definitely be YikYaked about. Pranks!

The Manatee: Same as above but with a blow-up manatee. If anyone actually thinks it is a manatee, they will be incredibly excited and want to be your pal. New friends? Ultimate prank!

The Sample Gates, gate: You’ll need a bit of preparation for this one. First find yourself a portable fence, or fence like object. On the morning of April 1st, transport to the Sample Gates that over look Kirkwood. Place the fence in-front of the Sample Gates to create a Sample Gates gate. Pranks!

The Spooky Stacks: We all know that the Stacks in the east tower of Wells Library can already be a little bit creepy, but this April Fools it’ll be the spookiest place on campus for all the late night studiers. All you need is a sheet, a long stick, and the ability to make spooky noises. Set up the sheet on the stick to be a “ghost” that can float between the rows of books in the more shadowy parts. Add ghostly sounds, and BAM you have got a prank bound to deter people from studying ever again. Pranks!

The Taco Bus: This prank takes major persuasion skills, so break out all you learned from public speaking or presentation classes. Pick your favourite bus line (mine is the A bus).  Convince them to drive the bus through a Taco Bell’s drive through. Pranks!

The Radio on the TV: Great for roommates that hog the TV or only binge watch the Pokémon series over and over (Note: I re-watched the whole series last year highly recommended).  Hide all of their TVs and replace them with clock radios, tuned to 99.1 FM.  Pranks!