April 12, 2015 / 10:19 pm

American Student Radio Presents: Wordshop 31 “Home”

WIUX is partnering up with American Student Radio to share podcasts produced by students for the audio storytelling program. If you like what you hear here, be sure to keep checking back for new stories.

Where is your home? Has your answer changed over time?
In this episode – We have a story about a barber who used his passion and experience to create a “home” for others, an artist returning “home” to retire and some interviews with some of YOU. What is HOME? Join us…
The stories were reported by undergraduate audio storytelling students Chelsea Barras and Laura Schulte, and the episode was produced and hosted by Reporter/Producer Gabrielle Reed.

Music Credits:

“Small Town” with Lyrics and Instrumental by John Mellancamp

Wizard of Oz clip

“I’m Coming Home” by Skylar Grey