A Soundcloud Digger’s Guide to the (internet) Galaxy

Simply put, here are some of my favorite tracks that I’ve heard over the last month.

Rihanna – Goodnight Gotham
Hearing this on Rihanna’s recent album Anti really threw me for a loop. This entirely instrumental track, found only on the deluxe version of the album, actually samples a record by Florence + the Machine, and it employs Glitch Mob-esque sounds (prod. by Mitus) to take you to an intensely emotional place for the short minute and a half. I listen to this every day.

Ducky – Work
“When I get behind the decks there’ll be nobody left alive, you don’t think that I can throw down just because you’re twice my size”. If SOPHIE was mashed up with 90s rave culture, Chicago footwork/juke, and a badass girl-power attitude, you would get Ducky. She simultaneously reps serious underground music culture and knows how to talk the talk on this track.

Keith Ape – It G Ma (josh pan Opus)
This 15-minute homage to Keith Ape’s rap banger “It G Ma” proves that josh pan is one of the most technically skilled and futuristic hip-hop production collectives in existence.

Oliver Tank – Tonight (Unreleased Dreams)
This is by far the slowest track in the list, but the emotional impact is immense. Here’s a Soundcloud exclusive cut by downtempo producer Oliver Tank that was originally destined for his Dreams EP, and has just now found its way online. Protip: don’t throw this on the stereo at a house party (unless you’re having a good ol’ drunk cry), it’s just too much emotion for a Saturday night.

Misumami – Let The Drums Speak feat. Illa J (Prod. Lay-Far)
Australian soul vocalist Misumami lists in her bio; “Influences: BADU, DILLA, MARY J BLIGE…” and the list stretches on. Just listen for a minute, and you’ll be singing and dancing like you’ve known the words your whole life.

Toxe – Xic
If you’ve ever wanted an industrial techno rework of a Britney Spears track, here ya go. If you’re into sampled door slams and breaking glass, the remix is up for streaming on underground label Halcyon Veil’s Soundcloud page.

Frits Wentink – Rising Sun, Falling Coconut
This killer analog synth-filled house jam feels almost improvised, with light-hearted melodies skipping and swaying around like palm trees swaying in a 50-mile-per-hour breeze. Considering the length of the track, Frits’ ability to keep it consistently fresh is astounding. Every replay feels like a new experience, and the rest of the newly released Rising Sun, Falling Coconut EP is equally as reckless and danceable as the title track.

Double Duchess – Good Girl Freak Out (Normaling Remix)
Playing this remix to a packed house with definitely get the “dance floor maxed out like a credit card” (according to the lyrics). This duo really delivers the B-more flavor on this remix, just like they have on all the rest of their productions. Also, coolest name goes to “.Rar Kelly”, who makes up one half of Normaling.

Aiobahn & Yunomi – 枕元にゴースト(Jam_Boy Remix)
Internet label Maltine Records has a soundcloud page worth following if you have any interest in nightcore or J-pop; if you don’t know what either of those things are, you should. Melodic, upbeat tunes await, and this Jam_boy remix of a track by Aiobahn and Yunomi stood out for its jersey-club beat resting under swooping electro stabs and hyper-kawaii vocals.

Mace – Jungle feat. Sofi de la Torre (Crookers Remix)
Crookers has never disappointed with a release, which is impressive considering he’s been on the blog-house scene since 2003. Many fans were first introduced to Crookers’ style with his massive remix of Kid Cudi’s “Day N’ Nite”; his raw, jarring sound is argued to have been one of the initial influences of current US trend ‘future house’. This remix harnesses that simultaneously bass-heavy and sexy sound to accentuate Sofi de la Torre’s unique vocal performance. I’ll undoubtedly be playing this one out for years.