December 13, 2014 / 1:07 pm

A Pizza Tour of Bloomington


Welcome to Indiana University! The land of pinstriped pants, great academics, great tailgates and where pizza is a big game in the midnight snack mentality. Whether you are a freshman newly becoming acquainted with the IU campus or returning to school and are just looking for a new way to fill your belly here is some pizza places stacked up for your knowledge.

*with comments, opinions and suggested by Jessica Yarvin

Pizza X

The smell of Pizza X brings back memories of coming home from late nights out with friends. Super fast, open late and comes with tootsie rolls in the box, it’s a perfect pizza heaven. Serves Coke products, and when you order a drink you get a cool cup to keep. Pizza X is only for pick up or delivery. Watch out for free breadstick day in early fall.

Jessica says: Pizza x ranch is the greatest. There is literally nothing better than Pizza x ranch and this is coming from a girl that didn’t know that dipping pizza in ranch was a thing until like 3 years ago. But if you want to go for the holy trinity, order cheesy bread (it saves lives) with a side of ranch and buffalo sauce. Though always delicious, order it when you’re drunk cause the realization that you’re eating Pizza x cheesy bread sober is enough to lose your appetite.

Mother Bears

Mother Bears is great for weekend visits from mom & dad or to take someone on a first date. With secluded booths it is very intimate and great for conversation while you drink your Pepsi product. While you can pick up or get it delivered, sitting in to eat means carving or coloring your name onto the booths and walls for eternity. Arguably a favorite pizza place in B-Town.

Jessica says: get the brownies. They will change your standards for brownies in the best way possible.

Café Pizzeria

On Kirkwood in downtown Bloomington, Café Pizzeria is the pizza place to go for thin crust. This has a family friendly feeling to it but can also be intimate if you want to go there with your special someone. And if you don’t have a special someone the pizza could easily become your new special someone. If you get sausage though, it is of note that it comes in a thin layer across the entire pie and not just in simple chunks.

Jessica says: I’ve been here once. It was decent.

Buccetos; Smiling Teeth

This is gourmet pizza for gourmet taste buds. Since this is steps above the typical cheese pizza, it might be an acquired taste for some. But if a fancier side of pizza is your thing, this is a good place to go. Unfortunately despite the name, there doesn’t seem to be a correlation between eating their pizza and no longer having to go to the dentist.

Jessica says: this is the most peculiar name for an Italian (as Italian as you can get in southern Indiana) restaurant. I was very confused about it until I went once last year and had really really good spinach lasagna. But this is about pizza. So my friend got the meat lover’s pizza and she still talks about it.

Aver’s Gourmet Pizza

Highly suggested is the Cream and Crimson well done with extra potato. With a pizza buffet from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. it’s a great place to eat a lot. Sometimes if you get there late they will give you boxes to take home food, but only if you’re lucky.

Jessica says: meh


Not a pizza place, yes, but they have a pizza sandwich which is pretty darn good. If you are hankering for a pizza, just get a pizza, but if you want to try something new here’s something to go for.

Jessica says: side note, sort of irrelevant, but why doesn’t BBC offer pizza bagels?

Other pizza options by Jessica:

-Rockits next to the Bluebird, I don’t know anything about it (update: apparently they sell pizza by the slice)

-The new pizza place that opened where Taco Rocket used to be across from Taco Bell/Sports. It looks good

-Butches. Yeah they offer a lot more than just pizza, but it’s the only place in Bloomington where you can get a slice of pizza and that’s just a really important thing to be aware of