April 12, 2016 / 12:20 am

A Mineral Love – Bibio

A Mineral Love – Bibio


A Mineral Love – Released 4/1/2016

5/7 stars

Favorite Tracks: Raxeira and C’est La Vie

I walked out of the library today to find myself in the pouring rain. Normally I’d be a little upset, but it didn’t seem to bother me today. I threw in my earbuds to listen to Bibio’s 2015 release Fi, I thought it would fit my current mood. To my surprise I saw that A Mineral Love had recently been released on April 1. I started to listen to it and the first track “Petals” already had me hooked. Petals is a really cool track because it opens with a very similar guitar tone to Bibio’s Ambivalence Avenue (2011). Other tracks on A Mineral Love that play off the 2009 Bibio style are “Raxeira”,”C’est La Vie”, and “Wren Tails”. I am very happy Bibio is continuing to use the recording style of Fi and Ambivalence Avenue, I loved those albums very much, they bring me sentimental feelings.

Although there are many ties to Fi and Ambivalence Avenue, this record shows a side of Bibio that hasn’t really been previously exposed. I am talking about the elements of funk and RnB that can be seen in tracks like “Feeling” or the promotion single he released for this album, “Town & Country”. These tracks are a new venture for Bibio; I would compare the sound to Jerry Paper or Homeshake, and these artists write easy going indie pop tunes with a layer of funk built underneath them.

A few other fun features of this album include Gotye on the track “The Way You Talk”, Oliver St. Louis on “Why So Serious?”, and Wax Stag on “Gasoline & Mirrors”. To my understanding, this is one of the first times Bibio has featured other artists on one of his albums. These artists add new hypnotic twists to his tracks that haven’t really been seen before in Bibio’s music.

Overall, I think the album has a similar track list to Bibio’s 2013 release of Silver Wilkinson. They are similar because the songs don’t necessarily all follow the same theme. You have some hip-hop here, ambient songs over there, and lo-fi guitar noise scattered all throughout the album. Bibio seems to always be criticized the most for lacking in a general album theme. It has never really bothered me, but I do think a good album should have a clear concise sound. In the end though, A Mineral Love is a good record. I recommend the album to anyone who is looking experience a warm feeling in their heart.



  1. Petals
  2. A Mineral Love
  3. Raxeira
  4. Town & Country
  5. Feeling
  6. The Way You Talk (Feat. Gotye)
  7. With The Thought Of Us
  8. Why So Serious? (Feat. Oliver St. Louis)
  9. C’est La Vie
  10. Wren Tails
  11. Gasoline & Mirrors (Feat. Wax Stag)
  12. Saint Thomas
  13. Light Up The Sky

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