September 27, 2017 / 12:30 pm

A Foodie’s Dream: Food Truck Friday in Bloomington

Are you craving Deep Fried Mac Bites? A Gyro? Or maybe a Brazilian Fusion Ice Pop? Food Truck Friday, located at the First Methodist parking lot, is just the event to go to. Occurring every Friday from 11AM to 9PM, Food Truck Friday hosts multiple food trucks and carts to share their products to the Bloomington Community and it is every foodie’s dream. Some food trucks and carts include LaPoblano, Smoke Eaters BBQ, The Gyro Truck, Rasta Pops, and more.

A friend and I ventured over to Food Truck Friday for lunch and we were not disappointed. We dined on Tortas from LaPoblano, Gyros from Kebab On Wheels, Fried Mac Bites from The Big Cheese, and Honey Ginger Lemonade Ice Pops from Rasta Pops. The atmosphere was great. Oldie music played in the background as we at delicious Bloomington street food.

The food truck is universal. Not only are they a great way for creative people to share their products with the community, but food trucks are also a metaphor of breaking bread with one another at the family table. Whether it be the street food in cities of India, pueblos in Mexico, or parking lot in Bloomington, stop by and enjoy food trucks in your community. Food Truck Friday in Bloomington ends October 27th so make sure to get some good grub while you can. Visit The Chocolate Moose’s website for more information on Food Truck Fridays.