April 1, 2018 / 7:50 pm

8 Songs to Distract From Your Nose Whistling During Peak Allergy Season

The sun is coming up earlier, the flowers are blooming, but all the while your nose is trying to sing a little tune! Along with the usual antihistamines and nasal irrigation systems, you always need a good playlist to divert and/or mask any whistling of the nose from potential onlookers/friends/suitors/etc. The key is to play all songs at FULL volume!


1. “Little of Your Love” – Haim

This song is not only a bop, but there’s a lot going on so it’s great for when you have just a lot of phlegm going on.

2. “The Times They Are A-Changin'” – Bob Dylan

If you’ve never heard of Bob Dylan, all you have to know is that his songs have a lot of harmonica interludes. Play this classic about political overthrow and social change when you have a nose that whistles just a little too much every time you attempt to exhale. Reflect on a time when there was no pollen or any dust irritants for you. It was a comfortable time, but was it necessary?

3. “Heart of Gold” – Neil Young

You may have a heart of gold, but you still have a whistle for a nose. To distract from that, use this song when you have mild nasal irritation. It’s relaxing and has quite a bit of harmonica as well, so if someone hears your whistling nose, they’ll just assume it’s part of the song.

4. “Flute Sonata in E-Flat Major, BWV 1031: II. Siciliano” – Johann Sebastian Bach

Just thought I’d add a piece with a flute because that’s what your nose is. A beautiful, but sad little flute.

5. “Caught A Lite Sneeze” – Tori Amos

As the title suggests, play this when you get an attack of the 3 sneezes in a row.

6. “Pills” – St. Vincent

Sorry St. Vincent, but I have a deviated septum which means I have to take some medication for my nose that doesn’t want to work. You can dance to this as you attempt to search for a solution through WebMD, herbs, prayer, pills, anything!

7. “Just Like A Woman” – Bob Dylan

More harmonica! Listen while refreshing the weather page to see if the pollen count outside has gone down. (It won’t…)


Refer to Song (1) for the same application. Do you hear that little siren in the background? That’s our collective stuffy nose having an uncredited solo on this banger.