April 1, 2016 / 10:44 am


Pinegrove is a very good band who are from New Jersey. They sing songs about many things, but believe it or not, they do not actually sing any songs about pine trees on their latest album, Cardinal, which came out in February. I know what you are thinking, and yes, I was also mislead at first, but trust me, it is still a very good album which you should listen to right now. I have taken the liberty of compiling some nice photos of pine groves you can look at while listening to Pinegrove.

1. This is just a pretty standard pine grove. Just easing into this. Notice the scrubby undergrowth–perhaps the shade is too strong for smaller plants to thrive?


2. Here we have a more verdant pine grove. Much greener. Probably early spring. I’m not even sure all of those trees are pine trees. But the majority are definitely pine trees.


3. Fun Fact: Another name for a pine tree is an evergreen! Because even when all the other trees have lost their leaves, the pine tree is still alive and well. This snowy path divides this pine grove. Where does it lead?


4. Ah yes, another snowy image of pines. Beauteous. The national tree of Christmas is the pine tree. Christmas usually happens in winter when it is most likely to snow.


5. The sunlight is sinking into this pine grove as if to ask, “Are we doing enough to conserve our coniferous forests?”


6. This pine grove is actually a trick! It’s only a miniature version of what an actual pine grove might be like. This is just a model. I bet it had you fooled for a moment.


7. If you are looking to up your Google image search, just type in whatever you want with the word ‘tumblr’ after it and notice how much artsier your results will be! This is a truly artistic pine grove. Makes me want to use the word ‘ennui’ in casual conversation.

pine tree tumblr

8. This is not a pine grove, but it is in fact the band that is called Pinegrove. There is a distinct difference. I must confess, this is my favorite kind of Pinegrove.

pinegrove for real

You can listen to Pinegrove here.