5 Reasons Why Being a Cat is the Best Halloween Costume

Halloweekend is over, and while some of you might be counting down already to next year’s spooky festivities I’d like to do a quick run through of why dressing up like a cat is one of the most perfect Halloween costumes there is.


1)      People Know Exactly What You’re Dressed As. Being a cat takes off the pressure of explaining exactly why which ever historical figure you are dressed up as is awesome (ex: “No, I’m not just dressed like a boy. Tesla was really cool. He has over 300 patents. Okay a patent is a….”). At a certain age, you really should know what a patent is, but being a cat will avoid you haven’t to cite more U.S. Law terminology than you regularly do.

2)      You Don’t Need to Spend A Lot of Money. If you were a cat for Halloween in 5th grade, chances are you can still fit into the same cat ears.

3)      Appropriate for any weather. It is up to you to actually dress to avoid hypothermia but a cat costume at least gives you the option. Is it really warm in the region you’re located? Black Shorts and a black tank top or black dress. Is it really cold? Black Pants and a Black Sweater. So long as you have cat ears and whiskers (maybe a tail) you will still be a cat.

4)      It is quick. Running late it is something you can quickly throw on and instantly not be a human anymore.

5)      The Pun Options. Always go with the pun options. Here are examples:

  1. Business CAT-ual. Dress business casual + whiskers + ears = Instant pun
  2. Cat-Dwag. Rapper outfit + whiskers + ears = instant pun
  3. Cat-Dog.  “Spot” Dog Collar + whiskers + ears = instant pun OR Couple costume one person is a cat one is a dog.
  4. Cats Pajamas. PJs + whiskers + ears = instant puns
  5. Cat-tastrophe. Spiked/frizzed hair + sign that reads “Help!” + alarmed expression + whiskers + ears = instant pun