4 Local Producers You Need to Hear

Sweater Disco

After just hearing a few tracks on his Soundcloud, Sweater Disco  will impress any listener with his versatility and incredible talent. Immediately upon pressing play, his remix of Diplo’s “Revolution” hits with hard-hitting drums and ominous piano cords. As if that wasn’t enough of a first impression, his remix submission of “Thot Process” by Astronomar is minimal yet present, and certainly earned its place among the contest finalists for Main Course . With several other EPs and free downloads available, Sweater Disco is a must-hear for any local electronic listener.

Dioxin One

They say dubstep is on the way out, but Dioxin One is on a quest to prove us otherwise. His music has the minimal leads that build to overwhelming drops we’ve come to expect from dubstep, which is something he seems very insistent on having throughout his work. The real innovation lies within his mixture of trap percussion with his brutal bass lines. He also isn’t shy about displaying his mixing skills, and his Halloween mix in particular commands attention.


In an alternate universe, where red pandas reign supreme, Beauklu is their unquestioned leader, and his sound is their resounding anthem. He released a 19-track album just a few weeks ago, and it’s nothing short of beautiful. You can expect to find anything from experimental glitch/dubstep to 80’s-style club beats, all unified with the same theme of openness and fluid alternation of crunchy basslines with bubbly melodies. The Age of the Red Panda is here and it’s gonna be a good one.


If you never thought heavy metal, dubstep, and trap could work well together, you haven’t heard D3F3X. Everything he’s been putting out has the heavy-handedness of a concrete slab to the head. The pounding drums and throbbing subs in tracks like “Why GOD” and “Resistance is Futile” erupt into filthy drops that make Datsik  and Excision look like they’ve been playing with dollhouses this whole time. With an album on the way, we can expect great things from D3F3X in 2015.