15-Year-Old Post Malone Belonged on the Warped Tour

Although he is known for his genre bending album, it’s no question that Post Malone is most comfortable around the likes of Justin Bieber and Playboy Carti. However, like most of us, the “White Iverson” singer was a far different person in high school.

The singer known for his grills and greasy locks looked right at home participating in “crab core” 

Malone, known in high school as Austin Post, circa 2010 looks like he walked straight out of a Myspace profile picture and right into the hearts of every girl who wore raccoon hair extensions and thought Alex Evans should have been voted People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive.

After the ever popular video game Guitar Hero peaked Malone’s interest, he learned how to play the guitar. This is not a secret in 2017 as videos surface on Twitter daily of Malone not only playing at shows, but also just jamming around his house.  However, the fact that Malone auditioned to join a staple in the Hot Topic community, Crown the Empire, at age 15 is not such common knowledge. The band who was featured in the iconic Pop Goes… series rejected Malone after his guitar string broke during his audition. 

When he was 16, Malone began working on his first mixtape. His classmates were fans of his jams and he began to gain a little traction around his school.

Post Malone may have moved past his neon band tee days, but it’s our duty as former Warped Tour attendees to never forget them.