September 1, 2015 / 8:45 pm

15 Songs to Listen to in September

Like last year’s version, but newer. And better.

1. Lush synths and fun whistles to lift you up as the warm sun sets for the last few times in 2015

2. Wish I could be there with you Lana, but I’m that girl that waited to take finite senior year

3. Never though I’d say this until I heard “Where Are U Now?” but damn J Biebz. Here’s this first single off his comeback album, due out in November. If a 3-year director of a college radio station can enjoy Bieber and admit to it, you all can. No judging.

4. Summer is over, I don’t care that we “technically” have a few more weeks left. Did you just break up with someone; that summer fling went up in flames? Here’s an oldie (just turned a decade old!) but a fave.

5. Summer is over. Winter is near. We’re all getting older. Here’s a good song!

6. I’m thrilled to have discovered Modern Baseball this summer, but even more thrilled that I can never go a day again without knowing that this music exists.

7. It’s not funny anymore, tell different jokes

8. This album is like gobstopper; there’s so many layers and they’re all so good. “Girl” closes Jamie xx’s masterpiece that I wish never had to end. The heartbeat pulsating throughout the track is there to remind you that the party is over. But you can always press “replay”

9. That sleek retro disco sound with 2015 fire from Vic Mensa and The Internet.

10. Punk goes 2015

11. This is a sweet, nice song.

12. FIDLAR album out this week. DGAF music.

13. I could make a playlist of just “This Must Be The Place” and I could probably listen to that playlist forever. Here’s Iron & Wine and Ben Bridwell of Band of Horses doing the song justice.

14. Gary Clark Jr. is very good at making very good music and his newest album will undoubtedly be very good.

15. Seeing Florence live was somehow real life and a month later, I’m still in shock that it happened. Two months later and I’m still listening to How Blue on repeat. Give this song; this album, the attention it deserves.


Here’s the whole playlist: