February 8, 2018 / 4:25 pm

10 Songs to Prepare You For When Adult Mom Comes to Town

Adult Mom is playing at the Bishop tonight with Chris Farren and The Bills. Prepare yourself for some shared emotional intimacy with the bedroom pop band with these 10 tracks and corresponding activities.

  1. Go to sleep at 6PM for a good night’s rest but set your alarm for 2:59AM. When you wake up at 2:59AM, sit up in bed. Try to get clear-headed and reflect on your life for about one minute. Prepare to hold yourself gently while reflecting, then press play on “Be Your Own 3am” right when the second hand hits 03:00:00.
  2. Because you’re already up now and very ready for an emotional journey, listen to “Meg Ryan”. You realize that you’ve never seen Sleepless in Seattle (directed by Nora Ephron, starring Meg Ryan first and Tom Hanks second) about a child who phones a radio show to find his widowed father a new partner. Find the movie through some sketchy means with too many pop-up links, then watch it. Feel the power of radio(!) and think about how much you never want to die thinking, what if?!
  3. Fall asleep to Steph Knipe’s soothing voice on “Patience”, from Soft Spots.
  4. Eat your breakfast and contemplate the emotional journey a voice on the internet made you go through. Was it worth it? It doesn’t matter, just listen to “Survival” from Adult Mom’s 2015 album, Momentary Lapse of Happily. This is for your own good!
  5. Sneer at the face of winter and listen to “First Day of Spring”.
  6. Can some peaches. Kidding! Instead, get some peach rings and eat them outside and enjoy their slightly soapy taste while listening to “Tenderness”.
  7. Decompress from your day by listening to “Laying On My Floor” and actually lay on your floor. This day has been really literal!
  8. Make your way down to the Bishop for the show. Listen to “I Think I’m Old Enough” in line and hope that you brought your ID so you can get in.
  9. You did bring your ID! Yes! Make your way inside to get situated for some good tunes about life and love and sigh. Listen to “Paws” as you dig through the depths of Adult Mom twitter to see which New Girl screenshot you are based on your zodiac. 
  10. The show’s over! You experienced some deep soul-searching and you feel vulnerable yet restored. Get in your car and put on “Drive Me Home” to head into the endless night!