Episode Breakdown Intro (0:00)
IU Football (1:04)
Big Ten Power Rankings Discussion (8:04)
Missed the Mark (rankings continued) (10:52)
Team’s were believers of (22:32)
Playoff Potential Teams (34:38)
Outro (51:52)
In this pilot episode of Smack Talk, we jump right into a college football season already in swing. With Indiana football experiencing a bye week, there isn’t too much for conversation on that subject. Instead, we briefly discuss the team’s impressive previous matchup against Michigan State in East Lansing and what to anticipate with the schedule of games to come. After a few weeks of play behind every team, certain squads have separated themselves as elite and others are proving to be struggling more than anticipated. We break down how certain teams stand currently in the Big Ten, and share our own thoughts on what’s wrong with a current power ranking of the conference. Moving outside of the Big Ten, the two of us share our own personal opinions on teams that have impressed each of us, and discuss what makes these particular groups special opposed to other squads. Finally, looking towards the future, we discuss the race for a spot in the College Football Playoffs. With a tight race heating up in the SEC and certain teams building an impressive resume, who’s going to make the cut? Who’s going to be this year’s team that gets snubbed a spot? Listen in to find out.