Season Hosted by Connor Rafferty

Songs to Play Obnoxiously Loud at the Drive-In

Tuesday @ 10 PM on B-SideRock

Roll up the ol’ T-Bird, let ‘er roar, cruise on down, slide right in, come on by, burn some rubber, leave mom ‘n’ pops and the ankle-biters in the dust, park that classy chassis, warm that deuce coupe up for some backseat bingo, swing by daddy-o, drive, roll in like a cool cat, don’t be a wet wag–agitate the gravel!, beat feet on outta here, boy you got the ginchiest ride in the passion pit!, international intrigue dodge in the front seat!, stable the horses front row for that mummy picture, how many Washingtons that V8 cost ya?, mushroom people show out to those Ricky Nelson pictures, dig the new rims?